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The pictures are not of our course, but of Colby Nordic Skiing athletes racing the respective sports. For more information about the pictures, athletes, the team, or for more pictures, contact

You know the drill: swim, bike, run.


SWIM 400 meters:

The race begins with an in the water wave start in front of the crew dock at the Hume Center. The course swims counter clockwise around two race mark buoys in Messalonskee Lake, and exits the water on a small beach just south of the dock.

In years past, wetsuits have been popular but definitely not mandatory. Lake temperature is around 65 degrees.  There is also a short run up a wooded path to the transition area.  If you have sensitive feet you may want sandals at the finish to do the short run up the path, but most people do it barefoot.

This picture is of Matt Briggs ’09 swimming in the 2007 Deschutes Dash in Bend, OR this summer. He finished third overall in the olympic distance race.


BIKE 14.3 miles:

The bike course leaves the Hume Center to the North on Pond Road, takes a right on Webb Road. You take a right off of Webb Road to Eight Rod Road and a left on Trafton Road. You take a right off of Trafton road onto West River Road.  You follow West River road until you take a right on Drummond Road.  You then cross over Middleroad at a blinking light and are on Goodhue Road.  When Goodhue road ends you take a right on Pond Road.  You will see some rolling terrain, experience a good climb, and see much classic Central Maine countryside. Volunteers will be spread out over the course to direct traffic, and busy intersections will be controlled by volunteers or police. Quick note of caution: the Hume Center has a hard packed dirt driveway so the first 100 meters or so is not paved, but we sweep it free of pebbles and it doesn’t present a major problem. However, it pays to be cautious and to slow down as we have had some decent wipeouts from people going too fast.

This picture is of Nick Kline ’08, also in the 2007 Deschutes Dash in Bend, OR. He finished 12th overall in the olympic distance race.


RUN 5k:

The 2009 race will have the same out and back loop as we’ve used the past few years, making use of the scenic New England Music Camp property on Messalonskee Lake on the way out. The turnaround is at the intersection of Pond Road and Goodhue Road. The run is almost entirely paved, except for a short stint through the Hume Center trails on the way out of the transition.

This picture is John Swain ’08 racing in the Maine State XC at Bowdoin. He finished 9th overall and 2nd for Colby.

Get Google Maps for the course HERE

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